Once you complete your exam, a digital copy is transferred to the Software Certifications servers in the United States. No exam results are provided at a Pearson VUE Testing Center. All exam results are posted on the Software Certifications Customer Portal.

Examination Results
The estimated time frame in which your examination results will be available in your Customer Portal account depends on the exam type. See below.

CASQCASTCABA Exams: Results will be within posted 24 hours after the exam.
CSQACSTECSBACMSQCMST Exams: Results will be posted 4 to 6 days after the exam. This provides the essay graders the necessary time to receive and grade the constructive response questions on the exam.
At times, results may take longer due to heavy volumes of exams being graded. We work diligently to get all exams graded and posted as soon as possible so please be patient. Once your results have been declared you will receive an email notification letting you know your results are available for viewing on the My Examination page of your Customer Portal account. The passing mark is 70%.

The examination process is not a diagnostic tool. Specific discussion concerning an individual’s exam results is prohibited by the policies and practices of the International Software Certification Board (ISCB).

Once the results are announced in the Portal, a certificate for those candidates who pass the examination will then be processed and sent first class mail via the US Postal Service. It is sent to the default address selected in the Portal account and will not be traceable once it leaves the ISCB offices and could take 2 to 5 weeks to arrive depending on where it is being sent.

Be advised, even the smallest error or omission of information in the address can cause serious delays in receipt, or even non-delivery of a certificate. So it is the candidate’s responsibility and extremely important to ensure the address is complete, correct, and up-to-date in their Portal account.

An online copy of the certificate is available in the Portal by clicking on the View Certificate link found on the My Certifications page.

If a certificate is not received 6 weeks after your results were announced, please contact the Client Services Team at certify@softwarecertifications.org to have a new one sent.

Retake / Resit for an Examination
Candidates who do not pass an examination or are a “no show” are eligible to retake / resit for the exam as long as their candidacy application is still active and has not yet expired.

Although a candidacy application may still be active when the retake / resit payment is made, that does not guarantee you will be able to schedule an exam days even weeks later. So it is strongly recommended that you know the status of your candidacy application before starting the retake / resit process as once fees are paid they are NOT refundable or transferable (see Payment Policy). Contact certify@softwarecertifications.org to find out the status of an application.

The Retake / Resit fee is as follows:
$100 US ~ (Payment Policy)
To start the retake / resit process you simply login to your Customer Portal account, go to the My Examination page, and then click on the Retake / Resit link. Once the fee has been paid you will then be able to start the scheduling process.

Appeals Process
Individuals dissatisfied with their final exam score may appeal the results to the ISCB’s Appeals Committee. Requests for a review must be submitted in writing, and sent via certified mail to:

Appeals Committee
Software Certifications
5728 Major Blvd, Suite 602
Orlando, Florida 32819

Submissions sent via email are NOT accepted. It is the individual’s responsibility to include any and all supporting documentation that they believe is needed to help the Appeals Committee understand and properly assess the issue. The Committee meets monthly and all ISCB Appeals Committee decisions are final.