To get started immediately on your professional certification journey, follow these 8 simple steps:

  1. Click on the ‘Customer Portal’ option at the top right of this screen (after you have read these instructions)..

  2. Click on the register button on far right of the Customer Portal page and create your login and password.

  3. Log in with login and password and select from far left menu option APPLICATION / NEW.

  4. Select the certification you wish to apply for from the list and complete the application.

  5. Pay the application fee and download the study materials. (Price of study material is included in application fee). You will receive confirmation emails from Software Certifications and Pearson Vue Testing Centers. Keep these emails safe as you will need to refer to them when you schedule your exam.

  6. Study for the exam. Optional exam prep training courses are available. Click here for more details on preparing for the exam.

  7. Schedule your exam at a local Pearson Vue Testing Center (your exam fee is included in the application fee) and take the exam. You have one year from the date of application to take the exam. Click here for more details on scheduling the exam.

  8. Take the exam. Click here for more details on taking the exam.

To check find a testing center near you follow this link:

From the Pearson Vue website, click Find a test center.

For information about what happens after you have completed the exam, click here for details.