The International Software Certification Board and QAI have for over 30 years been active participants in the SQA industry. In the early 1980’s, QAI along with the directors of the ISCB launched a grassroots effort to build the SQA profession by founding the Federation of Quality Assurance Associations, a group of not-for-profit, autonomous organizations. The shared objectives of the federated chapters, QAI, and the ISCB are to:

Promote the value of IT quality

  • Increase overall awareness of IT quality as a critical success factor in achieving goals throughout all organization levels

Promote and support the IT quality profession

  • Advocate recognition of IT quality as a profession locally, nationally, and internationally
  • Develop quality leadership skills
  • Promote the value of professional certifications sponsored
  • Facilitate communication among IT quality professionals
  • Share information and concepts about IT quality practices

Promote and support the IT quality profession

  • Improve competency and skills of IT quality professionals
  • Assist IT quality professionals in obtaining professional certifications
  • Assist IT quality professionals in achieving CPEs to maintain their professional certification
  • Assist Chapters in maintaining and building a local organization
  • Improve employer recognition of certified IT quality professionals
  • Support IT quality professionals during job transitions
As a certified individual, it is your responsibility to promote the software quality profession. After all, that is what “professionals” do. Join the Community today!
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