Live Virtual Classroom CAST Exam Prep plus Exam Voucher Bundle

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Product Details

The CAST On Demand and Exam Voucher Bundle combines the six session CAST Exam Prep On Demand Virtual Course with a voucher for the CAST application and exam fee. This CAST 6-session Live Virtual Classroom Course is designed to move through the Software Testing Body of Knowledge for CAST beginning with Skill Category 1 and ending with Skill Category 10. Each session, held for 60 minutes, once per week during the mid-day hours eastern USA time, includes an online session with the instructor and other class attendees communicating bi-directional with the instructor and the class. Each session has a multiple choice quiz on material covered, essay question quiz to reinforce the content of the session and sample answers to the essay questions.

Course Syllabus

Pre-work : Self-Assessment, Pre-test, and CAST STBOK download

Session 1 – Skill Category 1: Software Testing Principles and Concepts

Session 2 – Skill Category 2: Building the Software Testing Ecosystem

Session 3 – Skill Categories 3, 4, 5 and 6: Managing the Test Project, Risk in the Software Development Life Cycle, Test Planning, and Reviews

Session 4 – Skill Category 7: Designing Test Cases

Session 5 – Skill Categories 8 and 9: Executing the Tests and Measurement, Test Status, Analysis, and Reporting

Session 6 – Skill Category 10: Testing Specialized Technologies; and Final Review and Sample Exam