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This CASQ Exam Prep On Demand Virtual Course is designed to move you through the CASQ Common Body of Knowledge beginning with Skill Category 1 and ending with Skill Category 10. The course site is available On Demand 24 / 7.
Each session includes topic focused video lessons by expert instructors, multiple choice quiz on material covered, essay question quiz to reinforce the content of the session and sample answers to the essay questions.
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Course Syllabus

Pre-work: Self-Assessment, Pre-test, and CASQ CBOK download
Session 1 – Skill Category 1: Software Quality Principles and Concepts
Session 2 – Skill Category 2: Quality Leadership
Session 3 – Skill Category 3 & 4: Quality Baselines and Quality Assurance
Session 4 – Skill Category 5 & 6: Quality Planning and Define, Build, Implement and Improve Processes
Session 5 – Skill Category 7 and 8: Quality Control Practices and Measurement & Metrics
Session 6 – Skill Category 9 & 10: Internal Control and Security, and Outsourcing, COTS and Contracting Quality and Measurement
Test Taking Tips and Sample Exam
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