Every Journal Item must improve one of the skill areas outlined in the designation’s Body of Knowledge. To maintain a balance in recertification activities, some categories or activities have a maximum number of credits that can be reported in a recertification period. These caps, where appropriate, are noted in the detailed descriptions of the items. Each Journal Item will have specific instructions displayed online and also some of the following fields:


  • The name of the Journal Item being claimed,
  • A brief summary of the activity being claimed,
  • The number of CPE hours claimed and explanation of how that number was derived,
  • A description of which specific Body of Knowledge category the activity supports,
  • Reference information for auditing of the Journal Item.

Many certificant’s contact Software Certifications to ask if specific activities would be acceptable for recertification and the answer is always that specific activities cannot be prescreened by Software Certifications. Our general advice to certificant’s is: If you aren’t sure that an activity has increased your competence as a professional in one of the body of knowledge areas for your certification, then don’t try to use that activity toward recertification.


Journal Items
The journal items which can be claimed for CPE credit in the Professional Experience and Development Category are as follows:

Contributed to the Success of a Professional Organization
Were actively involved as an officer, board member, committee member, or volunteer in a professional organization that supports skill areas related to the Body of Knowledge.

You will receive one CPE for each hour of qualifying participation. You do NOT receive credits for simply attending meetings. You must be actively supporting the functions of the professional organization.

You should claim specific classes / seminars you receive at organization meetings using the Education Journal Item categories.
10 CPE Max per activity / 30 CPE Max per 3 years

Learned a Software Tool
Self-learned a new IT tool that supports skill areas related to the Body of Knowledge.

You will receive 10 CPE for each tool learned. If you received education on this tool via class or publication use the Education Journal Item categories instead of this category. Do NOT claim hours for a tool that you already know and are using as part of your normal job responsibilities.
10 CPE Max per tool / 20 CPE Max per 3 years

Lead a Major Process / Program Change at my Place of Employment
Led a major process or program change at a place of employment. You will receive 20 CPE for each qualifying accomplishment. The accomplishment must be unique and innovative and improve your organization.
10 CPE Max per process innovation / 30 CPE Max per 3 years

Proctored a Certification Examination
Proctored a Certification Examination and you will receive two CPE per examination.
2 CPE Max per exam / 10 CPE Max per 3 years