Active certificant’s may choose to recertify by submitting a completed journal online through the Customer Portal containing at least 60 Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits and paying the recertification fee.

The Recertification by Journal fee is:
$100 US (Payment Policy)

A completed journal MUST be submitted with the minimum required 60 CPE’s credits and payment of the $100 fee BEFORE the expiration date in order to initiate the recertification process. If not, your certification will expire.

Journal Items
Earning the required 60 CPE credits every three years, or an average of 20 CPE credits per year, is typically not difficult for professionals working in the field. Although CPE credits can be earned and reported in any combination, most Journal Items concentrate on traditional educational and professional activities.

The Journal items which can be claimed for CPE credit can be viewed by selecting the following three Categories:

Certificant’s who struggle to earn sufficient CPE credits should consider taking additional training in the field, and becoming active in the many professional organizations that provide educational opportunities as well as opportunities to get involved in professional activities. Taking classes, getting involved in organizations & committees, publishing, and self-study are all beneficial activities that demonstrate your commitment to the profession; benefiting you and your employers, clients, and customers.

Journal Review Status
The review process takes roughly three to six weeks and once completed by the ISCB certificant’s will receive email notification of the status of their journal.

If the journal is found satisfactory by the ISCB, the expiration date will be extended for another three years and a new certificate will be issued to the certificant. To ensure delivery it is the responsibility of the certificant to ensure their address entered in the Portal is current and up-to-date.

If the journal submission is found unsatisfactory by the ISCB, a rejection notice describing the deficiencies is returned to the certificant. Certificant’s are given one opportunity to resubmit their journal correctly. This re-submission must be done within 30 days of notification or prior to the certification expiration date, whichever is later.

How to Select the Journal Option to Recertify
To recertify by journal follow the instructions outlined below:

Go to your Customer Portal account.
Go to the Certification / My Certification option.
Click on the New Recertification Journal link.
The following pop-up message will appear

“I want to recertify using the online Journal. I will NOT have the option of taking the recertification examination once I start my Journal.”

Review and click OK to start your journal ONLY if absolutely sure.

Once you complete the steps outlined above it is FINAL and you will not be able to switch to recertification by examination so make sure you reviewed all the information for both before making a selection.

How to Submit a Completed Journal
To submit a completed Journal with the minimum required 60 CPE’s credits follow the instructions outlined below:

  1. Go to the Certification / My Certification option.
  2. Click on the New Recertification Journal link.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Submit Journal for Review button
    (this tab only appears when there is at least 60 total credits).
  4. Select the Certification Payment option and then click on the Pay for Journal tab.
  5. Select your Payment Method (credit card / invoice) and click the Use This Payment Method tab.
  6. For credit card payments enter the required information and the click the Submit Payment tab, then Exit.
  7. If invoicing verify all is correct and then click on the Submit Candidacy tab, then Exit.
  8. If selected the invoice option, until paid the journal will NOT officially be submitted for review. To view / print a copy of the invoice go to the My Certification / Recertification page (one also sent via email). Payment information can be found on the invoice. You can also submit payment by credit card on either page by clicking the Pay Now link.

If invoicing, payment MUST be received no later than three months from the certification expiration date. If not received within that timeframe the journal will be deleted and the certification will officially expire.

You can submit the journal as early as you like to be certified for 3 more years. You don’t get reset or lose time by submitting early (e.g. You submit a journal 8/1/2015 for the 1/1/2016 CSTE expiration. Your CSTE will be extended 3 more years to 1/1/2019).