Taking the Exam

Day of the Exam

We ask that you arrive at the test center 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. This will give you adequate time to complete the necessary sign-in procedures. Please be prepared to show two forms of ID. One must be an unexpired Government issued photo ID (i.e. passport, driver’s license) and a secondary ID that must contain your signature (i.e. credit / debit card, social security card). If you arrive more than 15 minutes late for your appointment, you may be refused admission.
No personal items may be taken into the testing room. This includes all purses, bags, study and/or supporting materials, books not authorized by the sponsor, notes, phones, pagers, watches and wallets. Lockers are provided at Pearson VUE Testing Centers, however, we strongly suggest that you minimize the items that you bring to the testing center. For more information on what to expect at the Pearson VUE Testing Center follow click here.
Most Pearson VUE Testing Centers utilize biometric verification. When you arrive your fingerprint/handprint will be scanned and this will become the method you use to exit the exam room during the break (for multiple part exams) and re-enter the room after break.


The name entered into the Customer Portal and Your Pearson VUE web account must match that of the ID being presented during check-in at Pearson VUE. If they do not match you will NOT be granted entrance.

Testing Process

All exams are delivered online at Pearson VUE Testing Centers. The testing terminals provide only rudimentary word processing capabilities. You are provided time at the beginning of the exam to practice using the exam tool. This time is not included as part of your exam time. The exam clock does not start until you have begun the exam. For exams with constructive response questions (essays), there is no requirement to draw. If you think a question is asking you to draw something, read the question again. The Pearson VUE system tracks which questions you have left blank so that at the end you can easily return to unanswered questions to complete them as time permits. For exams with multiple parts, you can go back and review questions only within a given part. Once you have completed a specific part of the exam (e.g., multiple choice section) and moved on to the next section (e.g., essay section), you cannot return to the previous section. You will be supplied with some form of “scratch” paper (e.g., mini-whiteboard or blank paper). This can be used to work out problems or make notes about a question. However, no materials are allowed out of the Pearson Testing environment.
NOTE: Never leave a question unanswered. There is no negative marking so take a guess if you do not know the answer. For essay questions (for exams with essays), try to always provide some form of an answer. Even if you only know a portion of the answer you should provide it. Partial credit is given on essays. However, a blank essay will receive zero points.
For an online tour of a Pearson VUE Testing Center, click here.

Completing the Exam

Once you have completed the exam, you will be checked out of the Pearson VUE Testing Center. NOTE: No results are provided at the testing center. Exam scores will be posted to your online account in the Software Certifications client portal. See After the exam for details.

No Shows

Candidates who fail to appear for a scheduled examination are considered a “No Show” and must pay a $100 resit fee in order to reschedule a missed exam. Once the exam record has been reset a Resit for this Examination link will appear on the My Examination page which can be used to start the rescheduling process.


Although a candidacy application may still be active when the retake / resit payment is made, that does not guarantee you will be able to schedule an exam days, weeks, or months later. So it is strongly recommended that you know the status of your candidacy application before starting the retake / resit process as once fees are paid they are NOT refundable or transferable (see Payment Policy). Contact certify@softwarecertifications.org to find out the status of an application.
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